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Teacher Appreciation

It's Teacher Appreciation Week - and it is also the end of a very difficult school year. It is also the week before Mother's Day. Now is a great time to honor teachers, mothers and students. Whether your kids were being taught in-person or virtually, everyone (including parents) worked twice as hard this year as any other year. Let them know how much you appreciate their super-human effort. Teacher Appreciation Card w/ Env In addition to our Teacher Appreciation Note Cards and Mini-Teaching Cards, for teachers, we have a wide range of low-cost gifts that would be perfect for both teachers [...]

May 4th, 2021|

Teaching Materials

The Ridvan Message reminded us that the last 25 years were designed to prepare us for entry by troops. Well? Are you ready? If you are, you will need teaching materials, including pamphlets, booklets, and all those special items that only Special Ideas carries. We have pamphlets of every shape and size for every occasion and for almost any topic, including The Promise of Peace and a survey of Baha'i Teachings not pictured here. All of our pamphlets are written in an inviting style that focuses on points of unity. Check them out, and let us know if there is a topic you would like to see us address. Not sure what [...]

April 27th, 2021|


We are closed today and NEXT Thursday. Rejoice it's Ridvan! Satin Banner What a lovely day to spend in the garden. I hope you all have a wonderful Holy Day. We will be closed today, and Thursday April 28th, but you can always order online. Every day is a Glorious Day at our farm. Flowers, geese, sheep, a dog and five cats keep us busy when we aren't packing orders. If we fail to answer the phone... this is where we are. Can you blame us?

April 20th, 2021|


Ridvan starts next week. I know, right? And in the middle of it is Earth Day. With Spring finally here, and more and more people vaccinated, many communities are going to be having outdoor holiday celebrations. What better way to make waves than with an eight-foot long banner hanging from a park shelter? I only have two dozen of these  28"x94" Ridvan banners left. They were designed for community gatherings and can be used all twelve days of Ridvan. At only $24.95, that's only $2 a day! And the Rose theme is appropriate for any Ridvan celebration you can come up with. Speaking of [...]

April 13th, 2021|


While the end is finally in sight, a year of pandemic worries has gotten most of us a bit stressed. Imagine, then, what our kids and grandkids are feeling. They don't have the maturity and coping skills that we've spent a lifetime developing. 4 CuddleBuddies to choose from To help more kids deal with their fears and anxieties, we've expanded the concept of CuddleBunnies with three new CuddleBuddies that will appeal to a wider range of kids. More than just a group of fuzzy toys, Cuddlebuddies teach kids how to regulate their own emotions when they are worried, stressed or upset. CuddleBuddies are soft plush [...]

March 30th, 2021|


Maybe you've noticed that more and more of the materials we are producing are designed, not just to teach the Baha'i Faith, but to make being a Baha'i a joyful, inspiring, wonderful experience. Why is that? When Abdu'l-Baha was at Green Acre he said: "May everyone point to you and ask, 'Why are these people so happy?' I want you to be happy in Green Acre, to laugh, smile and rejoice in order that others may be made happy by you."  So watch for more products like our "You're Wonderful" pens, our "You're Loved" medallions, and our "Be infinitely kind" thank-you cards, and our new "Be the Sunshine" pens. And feel free to send [...]

March 24th, 2021|

Help Hospitals Senior Care

book of comfort & healing A year ago, we got a call from a hospital administrator who was desperate for copies of  The Interfaith Book of Comfort and Healing to share with her patients who were now cut off from family due to the pandemic. Inspired by her situation, we wrote an e-mail similar to this one, encouraging local Baha'i communities to make these booklets available as a service project. Today, I received news of a community who had done just that. Their project is one of the most well-organized, multi-faceted, and yet simple to implement service projects I've seen in [...]

March 17th, 2021|


The ground is thawing, the breeze is blowing, you don't have to wait for flowers to add color to your yard. Let's just say that spring is making me feel generous. I decided to put ALL of our garden, door, yard and flag pole flags on sale for 10% off between now and Naw Ruz. All 20 of the fabric items on our Flag and Poster page are on sale when you use the coupon code 10FLAGS.  Click here to see them all. Note: the supply on some of these is limited. WeR1 Family Welcome Flag, Spring colors. Start with our [...]

March 9th, 2021|

Naw Ruz

Days of Remembrance Days of Remembrance is a compilation of Writings about various Holy Days. I thought some of you might want to read it during the Fast. It was new a few years ago, and I bought a bunch of them. Now I have too many left so I've put them on sale for 20% off - while supplies last. Red Naw Ruz Ribbon Our Happy Ayyam-i-Ha ribbon sells like hotcakes, but we have more Joyous Naw-Ruz ribbon than I would like, so I'm also putting it on sale for 20% less than our Ayyam-i-Ha ribbon. It [...]

March 2nd, 2021|

Prayer Beads

It is a bit late to order for Ayyam-i-Ha, though we will do our best to get orders out ASAP. (Choose "Priority Mail" as your shipping option for your best chance.) It is perfect timing, however, to order for the Fast or for Naw-Ruz. During the Fast, many people rededicate themselves to saying Allah-u-Abha 95 times every day. That's why every year or two, we put our prayer beads on sale at this time. Use coupon code 95BEADS at checkout to receive a 15% discount on prayer beads between now and Naw-Ruz. Two years ago, Karen expanded our line of prayer beads with [...]

February 22nd, 2021|

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