Bahai Buttons

Buy Bahai buttons individually to make a personal statement, or get a bagful as gifts or give-aways.   As Bahá’í identity items, buttons are smaller, yet command more attention than T-shirts. A T-shirt may just be a fashion statement, but a button is almost always a statement of belief, philosophy and/or commitment. They are also more intimate, as the reader must be much closer to read the statement.  They offer a safe topic for starting conversations. “What does your button mean” is a much less frightening question than “what do you believe.” Put one on a hat, tote bag, purse, backpack bulletin board or overcoat, and let the conversations begin!

Note:  All of our buttons feature a safety-pin back so once it is pinned on, it will not fall off, nor will it poke you.  This makes it safer for children.

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