Bahai Children’s Classes

Bahai Children’s classes are a core activity. We carry four kinds of materials to help you with your Children’s Classes: Character education materials, games and activities, small gifts to send home with the children, and special gifts for graduation ceremonies.

For Character Education, we have Family Virtues Guides, coloring & activities books,  and many unique products in our Virtues Promotion category.

For games and activities, look at our Games & Activities and Crafts category.

Martha Root was known for always giving a small gift to everyone she met.  I feel this is particularly important with children.  They appreciate even a token gift, and it gives them something to tell their parents about.  In addition to the items listed here, also consider any of our other stickers, balloons, pens, bookmarks and teaching cards listed in our Give-Away category.

At the end of a series of classes, many communities have a “graduation” for the kids and give them something a little more substantial to take home.  These might include any of the books in our children’s book section, or something from our children’s gifts category.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful.  The items pictured below are just a sampling of some of the many items you will find on the different category pages mentioned above. Click on the links to see more.

If you have other ideas (or stories) of items that make children’s classes more fun and engaging, please share them.

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