Children’s Interfaith Pendant


An Interfaith Pendant and Chain for Kids



This interfaith pendant is designed for kids. It includes six religious symbols – Baha’i, Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist and Hindu – and comes in an organza pouch with a 16″ silver-plated snake chain. It is priced to be given away to groups of children for children’s classes, or in gift bags for celebrations. This is our lowest price piece of jewelry because it is designed for kids, and only comes with a 16″ chain.

Note: These are NOT the same as our adult pendants of the same design. They are cast rather than stamped, the design is not as crisp and is slightly harder to read, and they are rhodium plated, not silver plated, but they are perfect for introducing children to the major religions. The pendant and chain are shipped in protective plastic bags to keep them from tarnishing, and both are put in an organza pouch to make them look like gifts. You will probably want to assemble them yourself before giving them out. As an educational tool, you might want to give them out with our Golden Rule Teaching Cards or Postcards.

Pendant is 3/4″ in diameter. Chain is 16″.

Weight .04 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1.25 × .2 in
Pack Size

1 w/ 16" chain, 1 w/ 20" chain, 5 w/ 16" chain, 5 w/ 20" chain


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