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Justice is the owner of Special Ideas and is the author of several best-selling Baha’i books. He combines a warm conversational style with deeply profound insights into the teachings of the Faith and their application to our emotional and spiritual health.

Justice’s book can also be purchased at, and rate them at Amazon and  You can even read his blog at, but if you want to buy any of these books in bulk, at a discount, or autographed, you need to come straight to the source.

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Nice piece of wisdom… Mr. St. Rain. As a new Baha’i, I cannot tell you how much your writings have meant to me. I hope to one day be able to talk with you myself about your ideas and understandings. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, so that those of us who are seeking will upon arrival realize miraculously that we are not alone on the path.

A FB post from Karyn Brown Harris.

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