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Bahai Resources

Welcome to Special Ideas’ Baha’i Pages

Special Ideas has been serving the Baha’i Community with low-cost teaching materials and unique identity items since 1981. We also serve the Interfaith Community with our sister site at Interfaith Resources.

We are happy to take orders by phone (800) 326-1197, between 10am and 6pm EST because it gives us a chance to get to know you and your needs better, but we are also able to take orders online 24 hours a day, every day. Online orders are not processed until after we check stock and shipping. Sometimes shipping goes up, but it often goes down. If you are worried, you can ask us to e-mail shipping options before running your card.

Please note: We have a $11.95 minimum for US orders. Please check your shipping address before finalizing your order.  Please note that most sales run from 2:00pm Thursday to 2:00pm Thursday. If you don’t see the sale price listed, the sale is probably over.