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Welcome to our NEW Website! If you have not ordered from us yet this year, you will need to re-register from scratch, even if you have been a customer for years. Click on “My Account” above, then give us your e-mail and make up a new password in the form on the RIGHT side of the screen. Don’t forget to click the “Register” button at the bottom when you are done. It will ask for your address and phone number later. If it seems that you keep getting the same screen, make sure to scroll down to see if there is a button you need to click to move forward.

This is the best place to purchase Bahai products. We have thousands of items in a wide array of categories. Browse for everything from prayer books to proclamation materials to uniquely Bahai gifts.

Many of the products are designed by Bahais artists. Most we produce ourselves. Even our best ideas come from Bahai just like you. So, if you need a product for teaching, proclamation or just to make the world a better place,  share your thoughts with us. Think of our service as your personal Bahai resource.

Special Ideas has been serving the Baha’i Community with low-cost teaching materials and unique identity items since 1981. Bahai Resources (this website) has become our primary sales outlet. We also serve the Interfaith Community with our sister site at Interfaith Resources.

We are happy to take orders by phone (800) 326-1197, between 10am and 6pm EST.  And while phone calls give us a chance to get to know you and your needs, you might find it more convenient to place your order online – 24 hours a day. After you place your order, it will probably be on its way to you the next day. Emails are answered as quickly as we can.

Many weeks we run sales from Tuesdays to the following Tuesday. If you don’t see the sale price listed, the sale is probably over. Join our mailing list if you don’t want to miss out.

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