365 Minute Meditation Cards


Verses to Uplift and Inspire from the Baha’i Writings

365 Business card-sized cards with short (30 words or less) Baha’i quotations to meditate on throughout your day.


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Verses to Uplift and Inspire from the Baha’i Writings
“To read one verse, or even one word, in a spirit of joy and radiance, is preferable to the perusal of many Books.” – Baha’u’llah
The Baha’i Writings are so dense with wisdom that reading an entire section, page, or even a paragraph can be overwhelming. In this collection of 365 short quotations, we offer a system for exploring the Writings in a whole new way – one statement at a time.
Select a card –  from the front, or at random – and meditate on it throughout your day. Each quotation is thirty words or less – short enough to read quickly, insightful enough to think about from multiple perspectives, inspiring enough to fill your entire day with insight, and profound enough to be worth memorizing if you so choose.
While they were developed as prompts for personal meditation, they can be used in many other ways. You can carry a card with you all day, which means that you can also give individual cards to friends or coworkers for whom the message might be appropriate. We chose quotations that would be understood and appreciated by almost any spiritual person. That means they can be given to guests at gatherings and used as devotional readings or conversation starters for firesides. You could even keep them on your desk at work and let coworkers select cards that are meaningful for them.
The backs are blank for adding personal messages, contact information, or your thoughts about the quotations.
Speaking of leaving them on your desk, they come in a beautiful hand-made walnut business card holder worthy of its contents. It will look lovely on your nightstand, your desk at work, or in your Baha’i Center. There is also an optional lidded box that makes the cards feel like a secret treasure all your own. After all, it is filled with gems of wisdom!  If our website says we are out of one of the box options, check back in a few days. We have more on order.
They make a truly meaningful gift for any Baha’i friend or relative. For friends of the Faith, consider giving them our 365 Words of Wisdom, or 365 Affirmations to Nourish Your Soul.
BTW: I suspect there are apps for your phone that will pull up quotations for you every day, but I firmly believe that physical things help ground us and help bring the abstract into objective reality. Carrying a card in your pocket is not the same as having a quotation in your phone, any more than an NFT is the same as a painting on your wall.
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  1. Amy Renshaw

    I love these meditation cards, and they make great gifts! It’s fun to walk by the box and dip into an uplifting Baha’i quote. Thank you!

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  2. virtue99

    As I was saying prayers this morning I decided to randomly choose a card from the Minute Reflections box you so generously gave me a while ago. It was so synchronistic in that the card I drew matched perfectly what my state of being is. It touched me deeply and I wanted to thank you again for gifting me that lovely box of spiritual wisdom and encouragement. It’s quite amazing how far reaching and impactful something can be – like the little box of spiritual quotes. (email comment)

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