Daughter of the Kingdom – Bahai Prayer for Girls


This single Baha’i prayer for girls in a 24-page book makes a perfect last book of the day bedtime ritual.

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The last few years have seen an explosion of new Baha’i prayer books for very young children, but this is the first devoted specifically to little girls. It is destined to become the last book read in many family’s bedtime ritual.

The entire book consists of one prayer – as shown below – spread out across multiple pages, a phrase at a time. Each page is illustrated with subdued images of silhouettes of girls or of flowers on a dark background. It is a great way to wind down after the bright and bouncy stories that are typical bedtime fare.

O Lord! Help this daughter of the Kingdom to be exalted in both worlds; cause her to turn away from this mortal world of dust and from those who have set their hearts thereon and enable her to have communion and close association with the world of immortality. Give her heavenly power and strengthen her through the breaths of the Holy Spirit that she may arise to serve Thee.
Thou art the Mighty One. —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

For boys, consider Crown My Head, by the same artist, or O God Guide Me,

For older children, we recommend Pocketful of Pearls. It was edited by my daughter when she was 8, and is designed for kids who can read on their own, but aren’t ready for a full-sized adult prayer book. It includes prayers and writings.

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