ABCs of Virtues Flag Set – Classroom/Playroom Decoration


A colorful set of 26 ABC Virtue Flags connect with velcro to form a banner.


A is for Active. B is for Brave! I hung this colorful set of 26 ABC Virtue Flags up in my office, and they are so beautiful I can hardly stand it. It is like having a rainbow of positive energy dancing through the room. Imagine what they will do to a classroom or children’s room!

Here’s the details: This is 26 separate 7.75×7.75″ satin fabric letters that can be strung together using the velcro tabs at the top to create an 18.5 foot string. Each flag includes the upper and lower-case forms of a letter of the alphabet, along with the name of a child-friendly virtue. After all, why should A always stand for Apple instead of Active? Is it more important be reminded of cats or creativity every day? This set reinforces the virtues taught in our ABC Virtues Refrigerator Magnets and our ABC Virtues Place Mats. These are simple but effective ways to teach your children the language of virtues, which is an important first step in developing a noble character.

More details: Since these have velcro tabs, you can rearrange the letters to form “words” or names. You can also use them as the foundation for a host of learning games, like a virtues hunt, or challenge children to put them in order or spell words. Put them in a bag and pull them out to talk about or to spell words. You can even turn them into arm bands that kids can wear, making the above game ideas whole-body activities. Kids will love touching the soft satin fabric and tracing the letters with their fingers.

In addition to the velcro, we’ve included a thin open hem at the top, so you can string a cord through the full alphabet and dangle it in the middle of a room.

Even if this set of weren’t spiritually educational, it would still be one of the most beautiful room decorations you could possibly bless your child with. Just looking at it will make you smile, and reading the positive words will make your spirit sing. Young children will learn their letters, while older children will learn about their innate positive capacities, so it can hang in a child’s room many more years than a normal ABC-themed decoration. It is durable enough to be passed from child to child, from generation to generation. It is a worthwhile investment in their future.

This set uses about half of the virtue names in our ABC Virtues Magnet set. For a complete list of the virtues in that set, along with my recommended kid-friendly definitions, click here to visit my blog The ABCs of Virtues.




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