Flash of Inspiration Baha’i Flash Card Game Vol. 1


We know that we are encouraged to memorize the Writings. But it isn’t always easy. Flash cards turn the process into a game. This set of 52 cards has a well-loved Baha’i quotation with several words missing on one side, and the same quotation with those words highlighted on the back.


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Availability: In stock

4 decks of volume 1 @ $6.49 each


Flash of Inspiration is a deck of 52 Baha’i quotation flash cards that can be used many ways:
1) Use them as a personal aid to memorization.
You can use these like regular flash cards, either alone or with a friend. Look at the side of the card with the blanks and try to remember (or guess) the missing words. Then look at the back and repeat the whole quotation a few times.
Another option is to pull one out of the deck and carry it with you all day, alternating between reading the front, with the missing words and the back with the blanks filled in. You can also read one at night before you go to bed.
The act of filling in some of the blanks from memory helps you remember the whole quotation better than just rereading the quotation itself.
2) Play a memory challenge game between individuals or groups. There are many ways to structure the scoring, depending on how knowledgeable the players are. For example, players can receive one point per card, or one point per blank filled. We have also coded the cards with a line of stars at the bottom, based on our assessment of its difficulty. So a card with one star at the bottom can be scored as one point, two stars, two points, three and four. For advanced players, you can double the score if the player can recite the entire quotation from memory without looking at the card. For beginning players, you can give them a set amount of time to look through all 52 cards before starting. Score however you like, but make sure to agree on the rules before starting.

3) The Seven Valleys Game:
Take 49 cards and lay them out in a 7×7 grid with the incomplete quotations facing up. Use a coin as a token. The object is to move your token along a path from the bottom left corner of the grid to the top right by only “stepping” on cards whose quotations you have accurately completed. You can move your token in any direction, including diagonally. If you answer correctly, you turn that card over and continue from there. If you make a mistake, that card is removed, you go back to your previous position, and you have to take a longer path. Two players can play from upper and lower left-hand corners. Cooperative play allows one player to “walk” on a path card created by the other. Competitive play forces each player to create his or her own path. Optional: player can replace one card on the path with one of the three unused cards.

Cards are 3×4.5″ and include two extra cards with the above game instructions. They are printed in black & white and are shrink-wrapped, not boxed.


1 Deck, 4 Decks


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