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My Spiritual Nourishment Journal


This journal contains 400 pages of prompts, questions, lists, affirmations, ideas and images to color.

It is a helpful tool for learning about your true self, and makes a great gift for anyone interested in self-discovery.

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Daily Steps Towards the Light – by Monika Ahlkvist Mackenzie

I am a strong believer in the value of journaling. It is one of the best ways to get to know your true self – which puts you on a path to knowing God.  This, however, is not the journal I would have created… it is much better!

This labor of love by Monika Mackenzie took her over two years to create. It contains 400 pages of prompts, questions, lists, affirmations, ideas and images to color. There is so much to explore here. You could do a page a day, or spend a week on one question or idea. Start at the beginning, or open to the middle and jump into an exercise. You could fill it with color, or only write in pencil. You could keep it private, or share the thoughts it inspires with a friend or significant other.

If you’ve never journaled, this is a great place to start. If you’ve always journaled, this could be a great supplement to your usual routine, offering prompts and ideas that you wouldn’t otherwise think to write about.

You could also give it to a friend or youth, or parent or grandparent. It is timeless and ageless.

It will truly nourish your soul.

But enough words. Click on the pictures and get a taste of the spiritual food inside. Each page is a full 8.5×11″.

If you prefer a blank journal for just recording your thoughts without prompts, we still have some of our beautiful Interfaith Journals in stock.


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