Let’s be infinitely Kind Button – 2.25″ round


This button says Let’s be infinitely Kind

2 1/4″ diameter


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This button says ‘Let’s be infinitely Kind’

It also has a bluebird of happiness. Being kind makes us happy. It has a heart. Our hearts grow bigger, Dr Suess style, when we are kind. It has an infinity sign. It has musical notes. It has a spiral. It has everything. The design is infinitely happy without being overly busy.

2 1/4″ diameter

Also available with Bahai Faith and as a magnet

If you need a bunch of Kindness buttons to give away, consider our “HumanKind – Let’s be both” button, which has a 50 price.

Weight .2 lbs
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1 button, 10 pack, 50 pack


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