Tiger’s Eye Bahai Prayer Beads


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Tiger’s Eye Bahai Prayer Beads


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Tiger’s Eye Bahai Prayer Beads

I love Tiger’s eye, also spelled tigers eye and tiger eye, because of the silky yellow and golden brown luster. A metamorphic stone, it’s a member of the quartz family mined in both South Africa and Australia. It’s known primarily for lustrous alternating brown and yellow bands.

In ancient Rome, soldiers wore tigers eye for protection in battle. Today, some still consider it the stone of protection. Others say the brown represents grounding and the gold, spiritual qualities. That would make this the gemstone reminding you to walk the spiritual path with practical feet. Tigers eye is also the anniversary gemstone for the 9th year of marriage.

We string our Bahai Prayer Beads with 95 semi-precious stones plus 5 counter beads. Since we use them ourselves, we string the beads loosely. This way they pass easily between your fingers as you pray.

Each set of prayer beads comes with a copy of the Gift of Prayers as well as a fold-out instruction sheet. This contains common prayers, a pronunciation guide and an explanation of some of the many ways to use prayer beads. The set comes packaged in a velvet, drawstring pouch.

The beads  are 6mm round which makes the strand about 22-23″ inches in circumference. This allows them to double as a necklace for people who wear a small hat size.

The care and craftsmanship we put into stringing the beads mirrors the delicate beauty of the beads. Each stone is like a little work of art with God’s signature shining out. The moderate price for a hand-crafted item makes them excellent gift. Think of prayerbeads as gifts for special occasions like birthdays, Holy Days, anniversaries, graduations, or when someone becomes a Bahá’í.

The quality is unconditionally guaranteed, but please read the description of the size of the bead and the length of the strand because there is a 10% restocking fee if they are returned because they aren’t the size you expected.

Click here for an article by a Baha’i about some of the many benefits of saying the Greatest Name 95 times.

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