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As we prepare to go back to “normal,” do we really want to go back to “normal” firesides and gatherings where people talk, talk, talk, then drink some tea? Here are some ideas of ways to make your gatherings exciting, while still teaching Baha’i principles.

Fireside Magic

Add a little magic to your next Baha’i gathering with Fireside Magic. It will help you escape the chains of expectations with a completely new approach to teaching Baha’i principles.

This is a collection of easy-to-perform card tricks with suggested “patter” that can be used to illustrate basic Baha’i teachings.

With a few hours of practice, you can entertain, educate and amaze the attendees at your next fireside, home visit, public meeting or Holy Day gathering. All it takes is this book, a few decks of cards, and a bit of showmanship.

Principles illustrated include Equality of Women & Men, Harmony of Science and Religion, Eliminating Prejudice, Oneness of Religion and more.

Each trick is carefully explained, with illustrations to clarify potential confusion. Each trick also comes with QR codes with links to videos to show how things are done.


Some of the “magic” requires standard playing cards, but many of them can be done using our Quintessence card deck. In some cases, our unique deck will add an additional layer of meaning to the “reveal” at the end. That’s why we are making it available as part of an optional set.

Of course, you don’t need magic to use our Quintessence card game as a teaching tool. Each numbered card illustrates a virtue or a principle. How about a game night fireside where you play cards and discuss the different Baha’i principles illustrated?

Life Dice
Life Dice

Life Dice was created to encourage meaningful dinner conversations within families. But aren’t we really all one big family? Life Dice is a fun way to break down shyness and encourage universal participation. What could be better for creating connections at a fireside or small gathering than sharing what we’ve learned, how we have been of service or whose heart we have cheered? After a year apart, people are longing to share the things that are really important to them with someone who cares.

Scrabinoes Baha'i Word Matching Card Game
Scrabinoes Baha’i Word Matching Card Game

Let’s see. We can read the Baha’i Writings to people, or we can play a game where they get to read the Writings themselves and find connections between different quotations. Some people will prefer the first, but a lot will love the variety of doing the second.
Scrabinoes, it’s like Scrabble and Dominoes put together, but with a spiritual twist.


In case you missed our e-mail last week, our new OctoBuddy is flying out of here. It is the latest in our line of toys designed to teach kids how to regulate their emotions through three scientifically proven calming techniques that masquerade as playing with a cuddly plush toy. These are: repetitive motion, positive affirmations and soft tactile comfort.

But our new OctoBuddy has more going for it than any of the others.

First, it is the biggest, softest and squishiest of the bunch. At a full eight inches across and four inches high, its eight arms feel wonderful against your cheek or hand, and it is truly squeezable for a satisfying hug. Encourage your children to give their OctoBuddy a name – or even two (one for each side) – and it may become a life-long friend.

Second, and most exciting, is that it is reversible. It starts out as a bright yellow octopus with a big smile, but if your child is feeling sad or upset, they can turn the octopus inside-out. Inside they will find a velour pouch with four comfort coins and a blue sad/worried octopus to tell their troubles to. When they’ve told their story, rubbed the coins, said their affirmations, hugged their soft friend and are feeling better, then they turn it happy-side out again. and tuck the pouch and coins back into the pocket made by the blue face.

Finally, octopuses are really popular right now. The phenomenal success of the documentary “My Octopus Teacher” has made octopuses almost as popular as dinosaurs.


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