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Juneteenth Parade
Juneteenth Parade

OK, so maybe we aren’t ready for parades yet, but with more and more people being vaccinated, we might actually be able to celebrate Race Unity Day (June 13th) and/or Juneteenth (June 19th) this year. If you do, here are some helpful materials.
I have a limited number of the “No Room for Prejudice” T-shirts pictured above, and don’t have time to reprint, so grab what I have if you want one.

9 reasons to work for race unity
9 reasons to work for race unity

I was deeply gratified by the dozens of responses I received last year, encouraging me to reprint this pamphlet. It is a non-threatening yet profound way to open hearts to the need for race unity and some ways to go about achieving it.

To read what it says, click on the picture or this link and click on the 2nd & 3rd picture at Baha’i Resource. You should be able to read the full text on a monitor.

Prejudice Free Zone T-shirt
Prejudice Free Zone T-shirt\

As I mentioned, my stock of “No Room” T-shirts is limited, but I have plenty of Prejudice Free Zone transfers that I can put on four different colors of shirt in both adult and kid sizes.  But please order right away, as it takes time to print them.

no room in my heart for prejudice side of yard flag
no room in my heart for prejudice side of yard flag

My No Room for Prejudice Yard Signs are a great way to attract attention to an outdoor event. The back side says “World Citizen” with a crescent earth on a dark blue field.

Once you’ve attracted people to your event, we have lots of things you can give them. In addition to the pamphlet pictured above, we have “No Room” stickers, window decals, teaching cards, balloons, buttons, removable tattoos, and postcards you can print local information on the back of. Click the picture or here to see them all.

Interfaith In Our Home Yard Sign Cover Front

Summer is Yard Sign Time. 
Melanie Mouzoon sent me a picture of a popular yard sign that said “In This House We Believe…” followed by some wonderful slogans. But Baha’is have their own principles to share, and a unique perspective. So I created this two-sided yard sign cover in consultation with about 50 of my best friends on Face Book. I think what we came up with will please you.

As I said, these are yard sign COVERS. They are made of fabric, like a big pillow case that slides over an existing yard sign or sign frame (not included).

Back of In Our Home… Yard Sign

One side has more social principles, while the other is more religiously oriented. You can face either side out, or put it perpendicular to the sidewalk so both sides are visible. One side has bahai.us and the other bahai.org. The smaller type means it is designed for walk-by or very slow drive-by neighborhoods.

If you aren’t ready to let people know you are Baha’i, you have two options: buy our interfaith version, or simply fold the bottom edge up and tape or pin it like a large hem.  That way you can still use it for Baha’i displays later.  It is extra-long so it will still cover up whatever yard sign or frame you pull it over.

If you didn’t have time to open last week’s e-mail, then you missed seeing our latest addition to our CuddleBuddy collection. I’ve already sold more OctoBuddies in one week than I did of my other CuddleBuddies all year. They are the best yet.

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