Happy/Sad Octopus CuddleBuddy

Every kid is going to want one of these

I know I’ve been telling you about my CuddleBuddies for over a year now, but my new Reversible Octopus CuddleBuddy blows the others out of the water (so to speak).  Every kid is going to want one of these because octopuses are the hot new thing. The emotional support they get out of it will just be an added bonus.

Like all of our CuddleBuddies, OctoBuddy teaches kids how to regulate their emotions through three scientifically proven calming techniques that masquerade as playing with a cuddly plush toy. These are: repetitive motion, positive affirmations and soft tactile comfort.
But our new OctoBuddy has more going for it than any of the others.

First, it is the biggest, softest and squishiest of the bunch. At a full eight inches across and four inches high, its eight arms feel wonderful against your cheek or hand, and it is truly squeezable for a satisfying hug. Encourage your children to give their OctoBuddy a name – or even two (one for each side) – and it may become a life-long friend.


Second, and most exciting, is that it is reversible. It starts out as a bright yellow octopus with a big smile, but if your child is feeling sad or upset, they can turn the octopus inside-out. Inside they will find a velour pouch with four comfort coins and a blue sad/worried octopus to tell their troubles to. When they’ve told their story, rubbed the coins, said their affirmations, hugged their soft friend and are feeling better, then they turn it happy-side out again. and tuck the pouch and coins back into the pocket made by the blue face.

Finally, octopuses are really popular right now. The phenomenal success of the documentary “My Octopus Teacher” has made octopuses almost as popular as dinosaurs.

4 CuddleBuddies to choose from

Of course, as much as I love our new Octobuddy, one size does not fit all. To help more kids deal with their fears and anxieties, we still have our other CuddleBuddies that will appeal to a wider range of kids.

More than just a group of fuzzy toys, Cuddlebuddies teach kids how to regulate their own emotions when they are worried, stressed or upset.

All of our CuddleBuddies are soft plush toy animals that come with four wooden “comfort coins.” They utilize three scientifically proven techniques that kids can use to:
1) calm themselves down when they are angry or upset
2) help them gather their courage when they are afraid
3) let them feel loved when they are lonely, and
4) make them feel wonderful when they are embarrassed or ashamed.

Brave, Wonderful, Loved & Calm Wooden Comfort Coins

The three techniques are:
1) The calming sensory stimulation of the soft cuddlebuddy
2)  The repetitive motion of rubbing the coin that helps burn off nervous energy
3)  The power of positive affirmations that give kids the confidence they need to face their challenges.

CuddleTeddy comes with a pouch

Our new CuddleTeddy is a more traditional stuffed animal for kids who want someone small, with more than just ears to listen with. 6″ tall in soft plush fabric and with a “Love” bow tie, it comes with a velour pouch for the coins and an instruction sheet.

You Are Loved medallion & teddy bear

Looking for a gift that says “You Are Loved?”
I liked the new CuddleTeddy Bears so much that I got some in gray to go with our silver “You Are Loved” medallions.

The front of the medallion says “I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” The back simply says “You are loved.” It is attached to the teddy bear with a bead chain, and the bear can be attached to a rear-view mirror, backpack, or purse, or left on a nightstand to remind the recipient that they are, indeed, loved and oh-so-lovable.

Adult Affirmation Comfort Coins

The CuddleBuddies were designed for kids four and up, but young kids aren’t the only ones who are feeling stressed. While it is true that most adults have learned a few useful coping mechanisms, that doesn’t mean that the three tools facilitated by the CuddleBuddies can’t also be used by adults and older children. That’s why we created our Adult Affirmation Comfort Coins. They come in a soft velvet pouch that is almost as soft as the CuddleBuddies. Inside are seven affirmation coins to address the sources of stress that we adults often face.

Character Coins 2
Character Coins 2

Both sets of Comfort Coins were Inspired by our collection of Character Coins

52 different virtues is a great collection for expanding your vocabulary of virtues. Meditate on one a week, or choose a different one every day. They also make nice token gifts.
But… they are a bit much for carrying around with you. Our set of 7 adult comfort coins are more focused on the virtues you need in order to stay calm and open when facing every day challenges.

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