Adult Affirmation Comfort Coins


This set of seven Comfort Coins are lwill help you relax, center and respond wisely when you are stressed.

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A combination of worry stones and affirmations, this set of seven comfort coins will help you strengthen the virtues you need when dealing with stressful situations.

They will help you find forgiveness when you need to be forgiving, serenity when you need to calm down, inner strength when you need confidence, and much more.

They were designed for use by adults and youth who are too “sophisticated” to use Cuddlebuddy’s Comfort Coins. For you, we have added three higher-level virtues that adults need every day, but that young kids might find challenging.

Based on the science of positive affirmations, combined with the calming effect of repetitive motion, using the seven comfort coins will help you respond with maturity and wisdom to any situation.

Here’s how they work:

Your pouch of comfort coins contains seven polished wooden coins. Each is printed with an affirmation based on an important virtue. Choose the coin that is most appropriate for the situation you are facing and rub it with your thumb like a worry stone. Then take a deep breath and repeat the affirmation – aloud or to yourself – over and over until you feel ready to move forward.

The seven affirmations are circular to reinforce the connection between how you feel and the qualities you possess. They are:

I feel calm because I am calm because I feel calm…

I feel strong because I am strong because …

I feel thankful because I am thankful because …

I feel brave because I am brave because …

I feel loved because I am loved because …

I feel forgiving because I am forgiving because …

I feel wonderful because I am wonderful because …

If you aren’t sure which affirmation is appropriate for the situation you are facing at the moment, start with “I feel calm because I am calm.” Once you are feeling serene, then it will become clear if there is a different virtue you need to focus on.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until you are feeling stressed to use these. You can make them part of your morning meditation or use them to relax before bedtime. Use them before lunch to reduce emotional eating, or quietly use them under the table during long staff meetings. They are inconspicuous and travel anywhere.

Each coin is 1.5” in diameter and they all come in a soft velvet pouch attached to a key ring so you can hook it to your purse strap, phone or… set of keys. The velvet pouch is almost as soft as our Cuddlebunnies, so it is comforting to hold. NOTE: Velvet pouches are currently unavailable, so you will receive a velour pouch (second picture) instead.

The similar set of four coins that we sell for children is called CuddleBuddy’s Comfort Coins. Because it includes one of four different soft “CuddleBuddies” to add extra comfort, it is slightly more expensive.


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