Kindness & Sunshine Tote Bag

Sunshine Tote

Kindness & Sunshine Tote Bag
Kindness & Sunshine Tote Bag

Carry kindness and sunshine in your heart. Carry everything else in this beautiful and durable canvas tote bag.

One side says “Be infinitely kind to every human being.” This is inspired by a quotation by Abdu’l-Baha. (We can’t put actual quotations on utilitarian products like T-shirts or tote bags.)

The other side says “If you can’t SEE the sunshine, BE the sunshine.” This was inspired by the many quotations encouraging us to be radiant, a light, a candle or a brilliant star.

Both designs are printed in vivid colors on a heavy 14″x15″ cotton canvas tote bag with coordinating 9″ teal handles for comfortable over-the-shoulder or on your arm carrying. This is a much more durable bag than the ones we used to carry.

Carrying this bag in public will spread a positive message and inspire meaningful conversations, no matter which side faces out. They make great gifts for the people in your life that spread sunshine and kindness wherever they go. You know who they are. Let them know that you know!

Both watercolor designs are by Jeannie Hunt.

Be the Sunshine Flag
Be the Sunshine Flag

What else do we have with these positive messages? 
Two weeks ago, I got in matching garden flags, with the Kindness and the Sunshine themes.

A few weeks before that, I introduced our Be the Sunshine Pen.

The first Be the Sunshine product was a T-shirt that I created exactly a year ago.

Kindness greeting card
Kindness greeting card

The very first produce in this series was our Kindness greeting card. You can purchase it here for personal use, or if you Local Spiritual Assembly agrees to send them out to community members, they are free here. We have given away about 800 free cards so far and have a few hundred free ones left. Please read the conditions before ordering.

Interfaith Rings
Sterling Interfaith Ring

In case you missed last week’s e-mail, here are the new sterling silver Interfaith Rings we announced. The people who have ordered them are raving about them on FaceBook.

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