LSA Kindness Thank-You card


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These Kindness Thank-You cards are free to LSAs, or purchase them for your personal use

Expressions of gratitude create bonds of love between people, and encourage us to look for the good in everyone.

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I would love to see gratitude become the dominant spirit of the Baha’i community. To that end, I’ve produced these beautiful Kindness Thank-You card, and I’m giving them out FREE to any LSA that requests them.

Expressions of gratitude create bonds of love between people, and encourage us to look for the good in everyone.

Here’s the deal: If your LSA consults and agrees to use these cards to send hand-written thank-you notes to individual members of your community, then you may order as many packs of ten as you can reasonably expect to use during the coming year. (Note: you are NOT allowed to use them to ask for funds or as receipts for contributions. These are also NOT for gift-bags for Ayyam-i-Ha. They are for personal correspondence.) It is my hope that you will find a way to send one to as many members of your community as you can – especially to people you don’t see very often.  Even if you have to look back 10 years to find something to thank them for; even if all you can thank them for is simply being Baha’i, a personal note to let them know you are thinking of them can make a big difference.  Also, please keep in mind that I only produced 1,500 for free distribution to LSAs. Be respectful of other Communities’ desire to receive some too.

To receive your free cards, all you have to do is add them to your order, and write the name and phone number of your LSA Chairperson or Corresponding Secretary in the comments field. Note: our normal $11.95 minimum still applies.

If you want them for PERSONAL USE, then order a 1 or 5-pack. The free ones come with white envelopes, but the ones you buy come with matching bright pink envelopes.

They are 4.25×6″ to fit an A6 envelope The inside of the card is blank for writing your thank-you note. The full quotation about kindness is on the back.

Artwork is © Jeannie Hunt. See more of her beautiful work at


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