Bahai t-shirts we sold back in the 80's

Two New T-Shirts

Let me start by thanking the dozens of people who wrote to congratulate us on the 40-year anniversary of Special Ideas. We really do have the best customers in the world.

Now about that “kinda” sale… Karen says we shouldn’t have sales because people will start expecting them and wait to order. She also says that any sale less than 20% is not really a sale. It isn’t enough to motivate anyone.
So this is a 10% non-sale sale. If you were planning on ordering a bunch of shirts for an event this summer, then it will motivate you to order early. If you only need one shirt, it probably won’t.
In any case, please remember to use coupon code “SALE?” if you want to take advantage of a 10% discount on anything on our T-shirt page. This sale expires at midnight next Tuesday.

Current most popular shirt designs
Current most popular shirt designs

With more people vaccinated, more of us are out in public where people can see our T-shirts. The country is also more divided than ever. Choose the message you feel comfortable wearing, and go out and spread the light. Every little bit helps.

Be the Sunshine on Forest

When you can’t SEE the Sunshine, BE the Sunshine.

Speaking of spreading the light, this uplifting message will brighten the day of everyone who sees it. It is one of our least controversial designs, and yet it has echoes of bigger issues. I first heard it on one of those “We will all survive this together” pandemic specials and it jumped out at me.

Then in January, Amanda Gorman’s magnificent inauguration poem, “The Hill We Climb” ended with these unforgettable words:
For there is always light,
If only we’re brave enough to see it.
If only we’re brave enough to be it.

Instantly, the idea of BEING the light we want to see entered the nation’s consciousness and spread like, well, like sunshine.

When people comment on the shirt, you can keep your response general, or use it as an entry point for a more profound conversation.

We’ve added a pen and a garden flag with this same theme. In a few weeks we will also have a tote bag.

Prejudice Free Zone T-shirt
Prejudice Free Zone T-shirt

This clever design by Marty Quinn lets the world know that you are striving to construct a prejudice-free world, starting with yourself.

The Prejudice Free Zone design prints in yellow on the front of a colored shirt, so the lettering will be the same color as the shirt. As an added plug for all of humanity, there is a smaller Human at Work sign printed on the left sleeve of the ADULT shirts, but not on the youth sizes.

Silver on Black One Planet Shirt
Silver on Black One Planet Shirt

Two weeks ago, I announced that I had upgraded our One Planet, One People… Please shirts to include a silver-on-black option. It looks very classy.

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