Bahai T-Shirts

Please note that each shirt is individually printed by hand after you place your order. Consequently, it is a custom item and cannot be returned unless it is defective. Please read our descriptions, including sizing, before placing your order.

We’ve been making Baha’i T-shirt for over 30 years!  From the subtle star to the bold “I’m a Baha’i – Ask Me Why!” T-shirts do more than make a fashion statement.  T-shirts inspire meaningful conversations, proclaim your identity and beliefs, and make great gifts for family, friends, and children’s classes.

We have recently reduced the number of designs and the number of colors offered in order to make it easier to fill your orders quickly. We try to have at least one of each option on hand, but if you need multiple copies of identical shirts, please keep in mind that it may take us a few days to print them up for you by hand and our generous discounts do not apply to rush orders.

Here’s what you need to know about the shirts we produce:  We use two different technologies for printing our T-shirts – laser print transfers that only work on light colored shirts, and screen-printed transfers that can print on dark or medium colored shirts.  Both of these techniques use heat to apply the design, so please, be gentle with the shirts.  The cooler the dryer and the less stretching and pulling you do, the longer they will last.

Here is a picture of the colors we carry. Note that not all designs come in all colors. If you absolutely need a combination not offered online, give us a call. Full-color designs can’t go on dark-colored shirts.

T-shirts are custom-printed on demand and are not returnable unless they are defective. Please check our sizing chart below when ordering.

SIZING:  These are standard men’s T-shirts, made by Hanes or Gildan, which you can find in many department and craft stores. Adult sizes, in chest circumference, in inches, are:

S (34-36″)  M (38-40″)  L (42-44″)  XL (46-48″)  XXL (50-52″)

Children’s sizes are given in ages, but I’ll give you the chest size as well.  In general, children are much bigger than you think, so if you are not sure, order up a size.  The sizes also vary more by brand.  The smaller circumference listed is for Hanes colors (yellow & royal blue) and the larger is for Gildan (white & black):

XS (2-4, 24-26″)  S (6-8, 28-31″)  M (10-12, 31-34″)  L (14-16, 34-36″)

You may have noticed that the large children’s size is the same circumference as the adult small. The children’s size is shorter, and some small women prefer them, though they do not come in as many colors.



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