When I sent this e-mail out in March, we were all hoping that the country would successfully lock down, wear masks, and be ready to open back up by June. Now that it is clear that this could go on for months, if not longer, you might want to take a second look at this list of games and activities to get you through another month (or 12) of quarantine.  I’ve put a couple of them on sale as an added incentive.

If you are tired of TV and your eyes are blurry from reading, here are some games and activities you can use to pass the time.

Coloring is a creative and relaxing way to spend many a pleasant hour. We have coloring books for both adults and kids. Do them alone, or with your family. When you are done, you will have beautiful images to share.

Animals Building Character Activities Book
Animals Building Character Coloring & Activities Book

ON SALE! If coloring alone begins to get old, alternate it with challenging and educational activities. In our Animals Building Character Activities and Coloring Book, there are enough activities to keep you and/or your kids busy for weeks.  This book has been seriously under-appreciated, so to create some buzz, I’m dropping the price in half for the rest of the month of July. Grab several and send them to friends.

ON SALE! If you are going to color, you might as well use crayons that help you focus on the good in the world. When the rest of the world goes crazy, our Color with Character Crayons remind us of the value of being playful, creative, honest, mellow, forgiving, grateful and more.  Each crayon includes a short definition to meditate on.  I’m putting all pack sizes on sale at 50% off to go with our activities books.  This means you can buy enough for an entire classroom for only $1.25 per set.  Now until August.

Scrabinoes Baha'i Word Matching Card Game
Scrabinoes Baha’i Word Matching Card Game

Scrabinoes, our word-matching game that uses Baha’i quotations, can be played by one, two or more people. Play to increase your score, or play to create the tightest grid pattern possible. It will keep your mind active while surrounding you with the uplifting and reassuring message of the Writings.

Flash of Inspiration Baha'i Flash Card Game
Flash of Inspiration Baha’i Flash Card Game

This would be a great time to work on memorizing short Baha’i quotations. Our Flash of Inspiration set of 52 cards has a well-loved Baha’i quotation with several words missing on one side, and the same quotation with those words highlighted on the back. It can be used as a group game, but can just as easily be used as a memorization aid for individuals. Play it with your family, or spend a few minutes every day running through the flash cards until you have all of them down pat.

Need a craft project for the whole family? Nothing beats an afternoon of cookie baking and decorating. Our cookie cutters with stamps will make it easy.
They work equally well in play dough, as a template to cut out construction paper stars, or any of a million other craft activities. .

Last week we suggested wrapping a scarf around your mask for added flair and protection. This week we offer three subtle alternatives. Our star paper clips come in 8 colors to complement any color fabric, and add a Baha’i element to your mask that could be a great conversation starter.
We also offer two 1″ mini-buttons that spread inclusive messages in a smaller size than our stickers. The World Citizen mini-button and the Interfaith mini-button are so affordable that if people complement you on them, you can give them away.

If you only wear your mask part of the day, but need to keep it with you, then consider hanging it from our Interfaith lanyard or our World Citizen lanyard while it is not in use.

Book Assortment

And finally, maybe it isn’t the reading that is making your eyes blur, but WHAT you are reading. We have inspirational, scriptural, fiction and non-fiction books that will stimulate your mind and ease your heart. Here are some favorites, but browse our entire selection of books – many of which are on sale – to see what sparks your interest.

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