Prejudice Free Zone T-shirt

Two New T-shirts

This clever design by Marty Quinn lets the world know that you are striving to construct a prejudice-free world, starting with yourself.

The Prejudice Free Zone design prints in yellow on the front of a colored shirt, so the lettering will be the same color as the shirt. As an added plug for all of humanity, there is a smaller Human at Work sign printed on the left sleeve of the ADULT shirts, but not on the youth sizes.

Be the Sunshine on Forest

When you can’t SEE the Sunshine, BE the Sunshine.

This uplifting message will brighten the day of everyone who sees it. I first heard it on one of those “We will all survive this together” pandemic specials and it jumped out at me. There are other versions of the phrase, floating around, but this one rhymes, and is oh-so-cute. It comes in Forest Green, Sapphire Blue and Maroon in adult sizes, and Royal Blue in kid’s sizes.

Just for fun, the little BEE in the design will appear in different locations on each shirt – around the neck or near the sun or below the “IF.”

Animals Building Character Activities Book
Animals Building Character Coloring & Activities Book

Just a reminder, our Animals Building Character coloring & activities book and our Color with Character Crayons are both on sale at half price for another 10 days. They will help fill some of the slow hours of the summer.
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