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As many of us continue to hunker down in our homes, the need for social contact grows stronger. Even more than that, the need to feel needed – to DO SOMETHING USEFUL while we sit at home can be overwhelming.

So let me share a secret: For the price of a card and a stamp, you, too, can commit a random act of kindness and senseless beauty that will cheer the heart of someone you care about.

If you’ve ever received an unexpected card from a friend you miss, you know how it can transform your whole day, week, or year.  And it is so so easy.

Here are some cards you might consider sending:

Dancing Children Golden Rule Card

New this week, we’ve brought back our Dancing Children Golden Rule Note cards, with charming artwork by Luthando Mazibuko. It has been out of stock for several years, but it was too sweet to let go of for long. It now comes with a matching golden-tan envelope.

As you might remember, last March my envelope supplier went out of business, but before they did, they put all of their envelopes on sale. So I’ve switched out boring white envelopes for color envelopes for most of my Note Cards.  Colored envelopes really add to the mystery of a card found in the mailbox.

Angel Card with Envelopes

Our Angel of Joy cards now come with five different colors of envelopes.  These are great all-occasion cards, and are perfect for thank-you notes. “Thank you! You’ve been such an angel in my life, and have brought me great joy.”

Classic Golden Rule Card w/ Env

We now have TWO kinds of Golden Rule Note Cards. Our Classic Golden Rule cards with praying children also come with golden tan envelopes for a very warm and rich presentation.

Card w/ envelopes

Happy occasions should be celebrated any chance we get. Our Prayer for Expectant Mothers cards now come with matching Spearmint and/or Yellow envelopes.


And, unfortunately, these days there are some sad occasions that also need to be observed with an appropriate card. Somehow or other, we ended up with four different sympathy cards to acknowledge the passing of people we care about.

Always is an interfaith booklet that comes with an envelop and recognition card. We also have a sympathy card with a poem inspired by the Writings, an abstract card, and an over-sized card. As the Covid-19 virus weaves its way through our aging Baha’i Community, you would be wise to stock up on a few of each of them.

You might also want to consider to whom you might want to send a loving card, BEFORE you need a sympathy card. It is never too soon to say “I love you.”


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