Reflections from the Sacred Writings of the Bahai Faith


Reflections booklet

50% off  Reflections from the Sacred Writings of the Baha’i Faith – through August

Reflections is a lovely compilation of prayers and sacred writings that is appropriate for interested seekers as well as anyone attending a Study Circle.  It was originally developed as a place to find all of the memorization quotations from the first seven Ruhi books in one place. Over the years, however, the Ruhi books have been updated so some of the quotations are not necessarily the same.

That means I can no longer call it “all the Ruhi Memorization Quotations” but I can call it “a compilation of some of the best-loved quotations in Baha’i scripture.” After all, the Ruhi books are filled with quotations specially chosen to awaken souls and touch hearts.

Because it no longer serves its original purpose, I’ve decided to put it on sale to encourage people to re-envision it.  It is on sale for half of its original price, which is way below the price of most of our other compilations. Quote for quote, you won’t find a better deal anywhere.

Remember too that it also doesn’t hurt to memorize these quotations, even if not all of them are in the current Ruhi Books. They are beautiful and inspiring in their own right.

Dancing Children Golden Rule Card

I was pleased that last week’s mailing inspired many of you to send out greeting cards to friends and relatives. It really is a wonderful way to strengthen connections between people.

Prejudice Free Zone T-shirt

Last week, I sold almost exactly the same number of “Prejudice Free Zone” T-shirts and “When you can’t SEE the Sunshine, BE the Sun Shine” T-shirts, but this picture makes me look more like a super hero than the other one, so I’m posting it ;) .  If you click the picture, you will see ALL of our shirt designs. Grab them while it’s hot.

Window decal on car
Window decal on car

So many people took me up on the idea of giving out these No Room for Prejudice window decals that I decided to print more of my Interfaith Window Decals too. Watch this space next week for a sale on an updated design.

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