World Citizen Lanyard Set


World Citizen Lanyard Set contains both the neck lanyard and a shorter keychain clip lanyard.



People use lanyards to carry their Identification, so if you Identify with being a World Citizen, then this lanyard set is perfect for you.

World Citizen Lanyard Set contains both the neck lanyard and one shorter keychain clip lanyard.

This set comes with a long lanyard to wear around your neck for IDs, etc, and one short lanyard with a carabiner and split ring to clip your keys, phone or other devices to your belt, purse or backpack. Bulk priced, they make great gifts for groups and help create a sense of group identity.

Our new deluxe lanyards have a break-away safety clasp in the back, and a detachable clip that has its own loop of fabric to make it easy to carry.

The long lanyards are printed in white on both sides of a royal blue woven polyester ribbon.

Use them for ID badges, keys, pens, and anything else you want to keep handy.

The short lanyard is for heavier items, with a metal carabiner on one end, a large split ring on the other, and the words “World” on one side and “Citizen” on the other. Use it for keys, phones and other devices.

The long lanyard and keychain lanyard can also be purchased separately.

Do you want other World Citizen items? There are dozens of world citizen themed items for events, personal use and gifts.


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