Scarves and Masks

In these uncertain times, silk scarves with Baha’i-inspired designs can add an extra layer of protection and a bit of style at the same time! Silk has electrostatic properties that help it filter airborne particles, and it is hand-washable. Tuck the edge of the scarf into the top of your mask to hold it in place.

Our 100% silk scarves come in a wide range of widths and weights, from sheer to satin and from 1o” wide and long to 36″ square. They all have hand-rolled hems for a quality finish. Two of them are currently on sale, starting at $22.20. We also have stoles, but they are a bit narrow for this purpose.

If you don’t like masks at all, you can use these without a mask under them, but I can’t say how much protection the different fabrics might afford. I don’t recommend it, but it is a whole lot better than nothing. Here is one article about mask fabric options, and here is a study  that includes 1,2 & 4 layers of silk.

no room in my heart for prejudice side of yard flag
no room in my heart for prejudice side of yard flag

I received another batch of Yard Sign Covers last week. That means that there are now hundreds of these yard signs on display across the country. This original, copyrighted design has inspired many people. If you think of another way it could be used to promote racial harmony, I hope you will come to us and share your ideas.

Put it by your mailbox

These turned out very nicely too.

Window decal on car
Window decal on car

A LOT of people took me up on my offer of 50 No Room window decals for only $25.00, but I haven’t run out yet. You’ve got until the end of the month to get them on sale.

Side 1 – Reasons

In my 46 years as a Baha’i, I’ve seen the issue of Race rise and fall in the consciousness of both the Baha’i Community and America at large. I think this time may be different. I PRAY that this time is different.
Let’s not drop the ball this time. We have a lot to learn, but we also have much to offer. Stay humble. Stay focused. Stay united.

If you aren’t a silk scarf kind of person, then we still have a variety of stickers you can add to a standard mask so you can make a statement while staying safe.

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  1. Thank you so much for endeavoring to supply social justice items. Our Assembly wanted to purchase each member of the Community a t-shirt with One Planet One People…Please, but they do not seem to be available. At our next Feast, there will be screen-share of the products you are showing in the catalog at this time, then we’ll be back in touch.

    Many thanks for all of your efforts.

    Cyn for the Spiritual Assembly of Spartanburg [City]

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