The next six weeks are going to be very busy for a lot of Baha’is, with unit conventions followed by a Bicentenary Celebration and a Birthday Celebration. I thought this would be a good time to give you some tools to help you relax.

Recently, a major school corporation ordered 75 copies of our Affirmation Mandala Coloring Books. I assumed it was for their art teachers. But when I asked them how they were going to use them, they gave a sobering answer.

“These will be used for grievance packages, for parents who’ve lost a child or a child who has lost a sibling or loved one.” 

Evidently, someone in the school corporation understands the calming power of coloring – and meditating on virtues.  If it can help people who are grieving the loss of a child reduce their anxiety, it can surely help anyone who is serving the Baha’i Community relax and rejuvenate too.
As you might imagine, when I thought of how to comfort children whose sibling had died, I immediately thought of our Cuddlebunnies as an additional tool to help grieving families and children.

If you missed our earlier e-mail about them, Cuddlebunny is a 4″ fuzzball with ears that comes with four wooden “comfort coins” that kids can learn to use to:
1) calm themselves down when they are angry or upset
2) help them gather their courage when they are afraid
3) let them feel loved when they are lonely, and
4) make them feel wonderful when they are embarrassed or ashamed.

Comfort Coins work just as well to help adults to relax and get in touch with their better natures. In fact, adults can handle a few virtues that are hard for kids to internalize, things like forgiveness, thankfulness and power. That’s why we have just created a set of Adult Affirmation Comfort Coins just for you. Since, as an adult, you might not want to carry around a fuzzy Cuddlebunny, we made this set of seven coins available without the fuzzball. But if you want it, you can still add it.
The idea is that you rub the coin like a worry stone or stress ball, while repeating the positive affirmation that is written on it. If you are using the Cuddlebunny, then you also hold the fuzz ball up to your cheek to be comforted by the soft texture.
Both the adult coins and the Cuddlebunny come with  instructions.

If YOU aren’t feeling stressed these day, perhaps you know someone who is? These would be great gifts for the members of the Unit Convention and/or Bicentenary planning committees.

Inspired by our collection of Character Coins

Both of these new products were inspired by our set of 52 different Character Coins, but they are used very differently. The set of 52 are virtues that you might want to meditate on for one week each for a year, or you might grab one in the morning to think about during the day.
The comfort coins are more like a friend that you carry with you every day – to be referred to in times of stress, to help you focus when making a decision, or to give you confidence when feeling low.  They come in a pouch with a key ring, so you can attach it to your purse or laptop bag and always have them handy.

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