Bicentenary 2019 – update

The BAD news is that I have already run out of three of the most popular items designed to help you celebrate the Bicentenary. The good news is that many of the special items that I have left are now on sale – some as low as 50% off. Items you hoped to give to special guests you can now afford to give to lots of people. With five weeks to go, you have time to get everything in without running me ragged. Just remember that items created specifically for the Bicentenary can’t be returned after October 1st.   

Click on any of the links or pictures to see all of our Bicentenary materials, from pamphlets to party booklets, from pens to posters.

I found a lost box of lapel pins, so I’ve lowered the price even further – as low as $2.50 each in packs of 48. Their value as a conversation starter will not end next month.  At this price, I really don’t expect them to last the week. 
I’ve reduced the 12-pack price and added a 48-pack price. These are beautiful pens. The teal blue gel ink is unique.  Everything about it says quality.
These Commemorative Medallions were already priced to give away in bulk, but I’ve lowered the price a little more to make sure they all disappear by mid October. I really don’t want to be overwhelmed the week before, the way I was two years ago. 
I did not lower the 50-pack price of our Bicentenary pamphlet for the Birth of the Bab, but I did add a 100-pack price  and a 250-pack price to encourage you to think bigger. It is even prettier than the one for Baha’u’llah’s Bicentenary. I’ve done my final printing for this, and MIGHT have enough to get me through mid-October.
In the last two weeks, I’ve sold a ton of these. They will be useful long after the Bicentenary, and can help shy people gain the confidence they need to start hosting dinner parties. They were already virtually free, but I’ve marked them down even more.

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