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Wendy Momen at George Ronald Publishing creates great compilations. She has just released a collection of four beautiful gift-book compilations focused on the family. Two are new editions of old favorites – To Be a Mother, and To Be a Father. To these she has added To Be Married and Family Worship. Scroll down for more details.
To make it easy to choose, I’m offering a $4 discount if you buy all four at once. Give them all at once to a new couple, or spread them out over a maturing relationship. Either way, they make a wonderful collection. Click here to buy the whole collection.

To Be Married – For years, people have given copies of A Fortress for Well-Being to people getting married. But to be honest, that book is more of a workbook to be read BEFORE getting married than a source of inspiration and assistance afterwards.

That makes this book even more valuable. It is a collection from the Baha’i and other scriptures, prayers, poems, aphorisms and literary pieces on being married. It is arranged in nineteen sections, including:

  • Love
  • The Wedding
  • A Marriage of Unity
  • A Home Together
  • A Marriage through Life’s Stages

I particularly liked the section “A Marriage of Joy, Play and Laughter.”

Here you will find insights and tips to carry you through an entire lifetime of togetherness. It makes just as good an anniversary gift for the 50th year as for the day of the wedding.

To Be A Mother is a collection from the Bahá’í and other scriptures, prayers, poems, aphorisms and literary pieces on being a mother, arranged in nineteen sections including:

  • On the Birth of a Child
  • The First Mentors
  • Mothering
  • Mothers and Their Families
  • Mothers, Bringers of Peace

This volume is a perfect gift for a baby shower or on mother’s day or a birthday.

To Be a Father – Are fathers invited to baby showers? If not, that is all the more reason to make sure they know how important they are with this inspiring book.

Give these when a baby is born, on Father’s Day, on birthdays, and anytime you feel a father needs a little support.

“Happy is he who is happy in his children” T. Fuller

Family Worship is a special collection of Baha’i prayers that focuses on the home, family life and family members. It brings together in one place prayers for women, children, parents, families, marriages, protection, happiness, unity, and a host of other qualities that will make a house a home and a group of individuals a family.

Just the name of the book reminds us that it is helpful to set aside a regular time to worship together as a family. Praying together binds hearts to each other and to God.

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