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To Be Married


This is a perfect wedding gift. It will both inspire and assist a young couple on their journey together.

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For years, people have given copies of “A Fortress for Well-Being” to people getting married. But to be honest, that book is more of a workbook to be read BEFORE getting married than a source of inspiration and assistance afterwards.

That makes this book even more valuable. It is a collection from the Baha’i and other scriptures, prayers, poems, aphorisms and literary pieces on being married. It is arranged in nineteen sections, including:

  • Love
  • The Wedding
  • A Marriage of Unity
  • A Home Together
  • A Marriage through Life’s Stages

I particularly liked the section “A Marriage of Joy, Play and Laughter.”

Here you will find insights and tips to carry you through an entire lifetime of togetherness. It makes just as good an anniversary gift for the 50th year as for the day of the wedding.

This is a brand new title. It is part of a new series that includes:
To Be a Mother, To Be a Father, To Be Married and Family Worship.

You can purchase all four at a special price here.

These can be given individually for special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and anniversaries, or can be given as a set when a couple gets married or has a child.

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