Character Coins 2

More Ayyam-I-Ha Gift Ideas

Considering All Four Categories of Ayyam-i-Ha Gifts Will Make Sure You Don’t Leave Anyone Out

The four categories you need to consider are 1) Personal gifts for the adults and children in your family and among your close friends, 2) Community-wide gifts your LSA might want to give to everyone, 3) Party Favors to make your guests feel special, and 4) Games & activities that your entire family can enjoy.
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Character Coins 2
Character Coins 2

Personal Gifts, for people close to you.
Our Most Popular Personal Gift also make 52 perfect little party favors

As a set of affirmation coins, our Character Coins make a wonderful gift for any individual committed to learning about virtues and developing their character. Taken individually, each coin makes a great party favor. Either pass them out in gift bags, do a blind bag grab, or let people choose the virtue that speaks to them.
Here is a list of some other gifts that are appropriate for the special adults in your life:
Silk Scarves – A very popular gift category, they are one-size-fits-all.
Mandala Coloring Books – Our Affirmation Coloring Book for adults is also fun for older kids.
Books – While any book makes a great gift, here are some “gift” books.
Jewelry – from $10.00 plated pendants to $33.00 gold-plated sterling silver.
T-shirts – Choose just the design and color your friend would like.
Tote Bags – A thoughtful gift you can fill with more gifts!
Flags -A house warming gift or a room decoration for a student
Prayer Beads – A wide range of semi-precious stones to choose from.

ABC Placemat
ABC Placemat

Special Gifts for Kids

We have so many new products for children that we had to create a new category for children’s gifts. See them all here. including flags, placemats, magnets, games, coloring books, cards, and crafts.

Armed with the power
Armed with the power

Community-Wide Gifts

Priced between $1.50 and $10 each, community gifts help everyone feel included and appreciated. Here are just a few ideas:
Charms & Lapel Pins – Upscale gifts at low prices
Awareness Bracelets Something they will wear every day.
Pens Including stylus pens, pen sets and flashlight pens.
Prayer Books – Many of our prayer books are much less than $10.
Lanyards for professionals and students.
Prayer Coins in either wood or metal are low-cost and long-lasting gift.
Tote Bags – we have a style to fit every need, bulk prices as low as $5.

Party Favors 

Party favors are a tangible reminder of the fun and camaraderie people shared at your gathering. Whether it is a 10 cent sticker,  a $1 air freshener or a 60 cent wooden healing coin, or these 30 cent mini-buttons, always give them something to remember you by. Click here for some low-cost suggestions, with links to many other products, including:
BalloonsBookmarksStar Clips, Character Growth Charts,  Stickers,  Temporary TattoosMini-Cards,  Buttons,  Magnets & Mirrors,  Post Cards,  Post Card Booklets,  Wooden Healing Coins,  pens,  Lanyard Key chain,  Bumper Stickers

If you are looking for something you’ve never given out before, visit our New Products Page for even more ideas.

By the way, don’t forget the party decorations. 

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