SALE On White Baha’i T-Shirts

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the company that made my color printer is no longer making supplies for it, so I’ve discontinued all of my laser-print T-shirt designs. This means that I no longer HAVE to print designs on white shirts. All of my new designs can print on pink, yellow, black, blue, or lots of other colors that are slightly more popular than white. This has left me with several dozen white and natural shirts that I don’t need. Some of them are 100% cotton.
Consequently, I am putting two of my newest, most popular designs on my remaining white shirts, and selling them at a 25% discount.

Grab them while you can.

Click here for Illumine my heart
Click here for Courage is Needed – Dragon

I will try to keep track of my remaining shirts, but with two designs to choose from, I may sell them faster than I can adjust my inventory. If I sell out, I’ll let you know and refund your money.

A side benefit of selling off my white shirts is that I can now offer my Illumine My Heart shirt in pink. It looks adorable.

Bahai Gifts
Bahai Gifts

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