Bahai Prayer Beads

Have you noticed how a beautiful environment and peaceful surroundings can help you achieve a more reverent attitude? For me, it is the little things; the scent of a rose, the feel of a velvet cushion, or the grain of my prayer book cover that set a mood. That is why I am pleased to be able to offer you a new line of exquisite semi-precious stone prayer beads that we string right here at Special Ideas.  By buying beads in bulk and stringing them as we relax in front of the TV, we are able to keep our prices close to what they were when we first started carrying prayer beads 14 years ago.  The care and craftsmanship we put into stringing the beads mirrors the delicate beauty of the beads themselves. Each stone is like a little work of art with God’s signature shining out from inside. Their moderate price makes them excellent gifts for special occasions like birthdays, Holy Days, anniversaries, graduations, or when someone becomes a Bahá’í.

While there are many styles of prayer beads, ours use 95 natural stone beads hand-strung with a pewter spacer after the 19th bead, unique middle ornament beads, and five counter beads at the end. Primary beads are 6mm round and the full strand is about 22-23″ inches in circumference, which allows them to double as a necklace for people who wear a small hat size.

They come in a velvet or satin pouch along with a fold-out instruction sheet with prayers, pronunciation guide and explanation of some of the many ways to use prayer beads.  The quality is unconditionally guaranteed, but please read the description of the size of the bead and the length of the strand because there is a 10% restocking fee if they are returned because they aren’t the size you expected. That is not considered a flaw.

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