Flash of Inspiration Baha'i Flash Card Game


The Christmas USPS backlog may be over, but that doesn’t mean that mail is being delivered reliably. On top of that, half the country is under a blanket of snow, which may slow everything down even more.

So, to be blunt, order NOW.
I can never guarantee when packages will be delivered, but your best chances are if you order now. When I take orders to the PO tomorrow morning, they will have a week to deliver it before the first day of Ayyam-i-Ha. That should be plenty, but you never know.

Since I am the only one packing orders, I will pack as many as I can before midnight. The rest will go out on Thursday – assuming the roads are still clear. 
You see the dilemma.

Keep in mind that since every T-shirt is custom printed after you order, they take an extra day or two.

Remember, there is always Naw-Ruz!

Flash of Inspiration Baha'i Flash Card Game
Flash of Inspiration Baha’i Flash Card Game

This year, games and activities to help families get through the boredom of the quarantine are what is hot. The  ones we sell are both fun and educational, like the Flash of Inspiration flash cards pictured above.
We also have Scrabinoes card game, Life Dice, Quintessence, Baha’i Word Puzzle Book, coloring books, activities books, building blocks and lots of crafts.

Color with Character Virtue Crayon Set

Our Color with Character Crayons  are also starting to catch on. We’ve lowered the price dramatically, so you can buy them for all the kids in your community. Each crayon includes a short definition of the virtue the color is named after.

nine-pointed star silk scarf
nine-pointed star silk scarf

We’ve sold out of many of our scarves, but still have a few. Wrapped over your mask, they offer an extra layer of protection and a fashion boost at the same time.

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