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Now that we don’t send out a paper catalog, when people visit our website, they often just search for the one thing they know they want and check out. As you can see from the variety of items below, that is a mistake. Please come, click, take your time. There is more to see than you could ever guess.

God Loves Laughter’s New Cover

New cover, new look, same hilarious book. After being out of stock for several months, the perennial favorite God Loves Laughter is finally back in stock. It makes a great gift for anyone who likes to read and likes to laugh – including all of your non-Baha’i family and friends. It will lift their spirits and make them think at the same time.  It is even suitable for youth.

large floating star pendant
large floating star pendant

Here at Special Ideas, we create so many products in such a wide variety, that it is easy to forget that we do more than just make the best Baha’i teaching tools in the world.  We have over 60 different jewelry items, including pendants, burial rings, lapel pins, money clips and more.  Pictured here are our newest large star pendants.

Did you know we have rose-scented interfaith air fresheners? They are just one of the dozens of thing we make that you can use as party favors or token gifts for groups of people – like your coworkers, classmates, or Devotions attendees.

Other ideas include prayer coins, bookmarks, individual virtue cards, buttons and more.  Click here for more ideas.

I doubt that you’ve forgotten that we produced a series of Baha’i-themed silk scarves, but you may have forgotten just how beautiful they are. I’ve sold out of two of them, and I’m running low on several others. I will not be reprinting any of the ones you see here, so order while you can.

Here’s something I don’t think I’ve ever written a post about. It is a gold-plated cloisonne clip-on bookmark. It comes in a small satin pouch and makes a lovely gift for anyone who likes to read. It looks particularly nice in a Baha’i book.

It is just one more example of just how diverse our selection of materials is.

With the holidays coming soon, now is a good time to browse our entire online collection. Start at the home page and click on the “Find Categories” box. Then scroll down and start clicking. Every category will have something you probably haven’t seen before. With our flat-rate shipping, you might as well order it all at once.


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