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4 Shirts
4 Shirts

The company that made my color printer is no longer making supplies for it, so I’ve discontinued all of my laser-print T-shirt designs. I therefore felt compelled to create some new designs to replace them.
You’ve seen three of these, but the metallic silver and gold Interfaith design is new this week. It has already proven itself to be very popular. The shimmer of the metallic ink adds an elegance that the laser print version didn’t have. The “peace be with you” on the middle is a universal greeting used in many religious services. It will create an instant connection with any spiritual person who reads it, and will lessen any resistance that the image of multiple religious symbols might generate in the more fundamentalist.

The other three are particularly appealing to children, though I must admit I’ve already sold more dragon shirts to adults than children!

Ayyam-i-Ha Ribbon

Now is also a good time to start thinking about holiday supplies – Ayyam-i-Ha ribbon, banners, flags, gift tagscookie cutters, cards, holiday cake stencils, etc.
We thought we had run out of our Bahji Blue ribbon, but found another couple of rolls in the warehouse.  We also have Naw-Ruz ribbon, and lots of other things to make our Baha’i holidays feel just as “real” as all the others.

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