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With over 60,000 copies in print, we knew that people loved our give-away Interfaith Book of Comfort and Healing. Baha’i Communities have given away thousands, and hospital chaplains have ordered thousands more.

Comfort & Healing Booklet

What we didn’t expect was the popularity of our Deluxe Gift Edition. Both Baha’is and Chaplains were buying them in bulk to give to personal friends who were facing health issues.

Unfortunately, because they were “Print on Demand,” they were $9.95 each, so people saved them for special friends.

This week we received our first batch of 1,500 offset printed editions. Not only are they nicer (printed spine and blue text) but they are 40% cheaper! At $5.95 each, 5 for $25.00 or 20 for $80.00 they are as affordable in bulk as our give-away edition is individually. 

Now you can afford to keep a supply on hand. It makes a wonderful gift for family and friends of any faith – whether they are temporarily under the weather,  facing a long-term illness, or are simply anxious about catching Covid-19.

Interfaith Book of Comfort and Healing
Interfaith Book of Comfort and Healing

About the compilation itself:
If you or someone you love is facing difficult health issues, you will find this compilation of over 200 short prayers and quotations from ten different faith traditions a source of great comfort and encouragement. Originally compiled for use in hospital chapels, over 60,000 of the Give-Away edition (pictured above) are in print.

Organized by subject rather than by religion, headings include: God Can Help Us, God Loves Us, God Protects Us, God Heals Us, God Calls Us Home and God Comforts Us – along with several others. Prayers include categories of: prayers for assistance, guidance, forgiveness, healing, prayers for the departed, prayers for serenity, and more.

Faith traditions represented include Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, the Sufis and the Bahá’ís, plus some Interfaith prayers.

About this larger GIFT EDITION:  The original edition was designed to be given away for free to patients and in chapels. This edition is the better choice as a special gift for students, clergy, and close friends. It is also what you will want for yourself, to keep on your bookshelf for easy reference.  It has 96 pages instead of 64, larger type that is easier for older people to read, and decorative borders that give it that “gift book” feel. It also has square binding instead of a staple to give it a more finished look. This Second Edition now has the title printed on the spine and the text is printed in dark blue, making it both prettier and easier to read. It is also offset printed instead of Print On Demand. This allows us to sell it for 40% less than the previous edition.

Products that promote healing
Products that promote healing

Are your friends worried about their health?
The Book of Comfort and Healing is just one of the many things we produce to comfort people worried about health issues (and who isn’t?)  We have a whole range of products focused on comfort and healing, including our metal healing prayer coins, our Three Tools of Healing poster/pamphlet, our comfort booklets, In Search of Healing and When You’re Down and Troubled, the longer Baha’i compilation Ocean of Healing, our Healing Prayer Cards and more. Click here to see them all.

All of these things can be sent through the mail so you can create strong spiritual connections while remaining physically distant.  To make it easy, we carry A7 envelopes to go with the Book of Comfort and Healing, and A6 envelopes for The Ocean of Healing and our Gift of Prayers. Remember to attach enough postage ($.70 for Ocean of Healing and $.85 for Comfort and Healing, if you don’t add anything else to the envelope).

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