Deluxe Metal Healing Prayer Coins


Each coin contains the complete text of the short healing prayer divided between the two sides.

$3.19 each
$2 each
$1.60 each

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A new GIFT edition and a lower priced GIVE-AWAY edition of our popular metal healing prayer coins create even more opportunities for sharing this special prayer.

While prayer cards and our wonderful wooden healing prayer coins will last for months or years, these cast zinc coins can last for decades or even centuries and inspire generations of people with the healing power of the Creative Word.

A recent reprint of our Healing Prayer Coin did not turn out quite as well as I expected, so I had them redone. This created an opportunity to offer two different quality/price points depending on how you plan on using them.

For close friends, I recommend the new gift set. The coin is easier to read, and comes in a gold organza pouch with a gift card that includes this statement by Abdu’l-Baha: “The prayers which were revealed to ask for healing apply both to physical and spiritual healing. Recite them, then, to heal both the soul and the body.” The card is blank on the back for adding your personal message of good will.

For giving out to groups of people, I have lowered the ten-price and brought back the fifty-price for the first printing of the coins. It is not quite as easy to read, but as you can see from the picture, it is still very nice and an incredible gift for the price. They do not come with a pouch or a card.

Both coins contain the complete text of the short healing prayer divided between the two sides. While the wooden medallions are priced to give to strangers, these will be treasured by friends, family and coworkers, and still cost less than a cup of coffee. Metal coins are often used to honor people who demonstrate special courage, which makes them especially appropriate for people facing serious illnesses.

While offering comfort, the coins still encourage optimism. Around the edge of each coin it says, “When you’re well again, give this prayer to a friend.” So when your friend meets a sick friend, the prayer may be passed on from soul to soul to soul. There is no telling where it will stop.

While a Baha’i prayer book may sit on a seeker’s nightstand, this healing coin will jangle in their pocket or purse for months to come.

Once a Baha’i book is read, is generally set aside or thrown away, but this coin will probably be passed on to someone else – perhaps someone who had never heard of the Baha’i Faith. Very few will ever be thrown away. Think about that.

The antique bronze finish over solid zinc has a solid feel without weighing you down. It creates a nice “clink” in your pocket to remind you that God is only a thought away. Though the coins are slightly smaller than the wooden medallions, the text is actually slightly bigger because the coins do not require a printing margin around the edge. This creates a very clean and elegant look at 34mm or 1-3/8″ diameter.

We produced a ton of these in order to get the price down to a give-away level. Think about how many of your friends have been sick in the last year, and how much they would appreciate such a thoughtful gift, and you will quickly realize that you need at least ten of these right away.

If even our give-away bulk pricing is still beyond your budget, never fear. We also have Wooden Healing Prayer Coins that are about half the price. Look at the last picture to see how they compare.

Need something even more special for yourself or someone you love? We have a jewelry-quality pendant version that comes in a gift box too.

Concept and design by Justice St Rain

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1 Gift Set, 5 Gift Sets, 10 Give-away, 50 Give-away

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