Interfaith Book of Comfort and Healing – Give-away Edition


One simple service Baha’is can provide during these difficult times is to donate a supply of these helpful books to hospitals, chaplains and therapists. They will find this low-cost booklet invaluable. Only $1.50 each in packs of 40, the Book of Comfort and Healing contains a well-chosen selection of prayers and quotations drawn from the wisdom of ten different faith traditions to address a wide range of needs and concerns.

It also makes a thoughtful gift for individuals struggling with health issues.


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Interfaith Book of Comfort and Healing

This is the GIVE-AWAY edition of this popular booklet. For the fancier GIFT EDITION click here. These beautiful booklets were designed to be given away in hospital chapels and waiting rooms, but I am sure that Baha’is will find a myriad ways to use them in their teaching work. They contain over 200 short prayers and quotations from ten different religions, with an emphasis on the six major world religions, including Baha’i. Topics center around healing, but include sections on God’s love, protection, and forgiveness, the purpose of tests, different aspects of health and healing, and the soul and afterlife. It ends with an extensive selection of prayers for serenity. There is enough here to fill ten devotional programs.

Baha’is will want to offer a stack to every hospital, doctor’s office, health clinic, nursing home, hospice, mental health center, and health-food store in your area. Anyone who reads it will be comforted, and will also be impressed by the beauty and power of the many Bahá’í quotations included. Once health-care practitioners see how helpful they are in comforting an increasingly diverse patient population, they will want to buy a case for themselves. (See some of their comments in Reviews.)

Interfaith Resources is a division of Special Ideas. This booklet was compiled by Justice St Rain and Lynnea Yancy Meyer, and reflects the high-quality and attention to detail that you’ve come to expect from Special Ideas.

This booklet coordinates well with our Interfaith Prayer for Healing Bookmarks

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3 reviews for Interfaith Book of Comfort and Healing – Give-away Edition

  1. virtue99

    05/04/2011, 01:09 PM
    “Every day I visit men, women, and children who are in need of comfort and healing. The title of this interfaith piece, “Book of Comfort & Healing,” is readily accepted by the patients and families I attend to as a chaplain. The prayers and inspiration from several faiths enhance my ministry and enable me to bring comfort and healing to others here at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center/Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach. “This is just what I was looking for,” and ” This will help me a great deal,” are just a couple of comments I have heard from some patients. Thank you.”

    – Rev. Joe Holguin, MDiv

  2. virtue99

    08/20/2014, 03:20 PM
    “I have suffered from a genetic illness since my birth 55 years ago. I have beaten countless odds and made liars of many people who predicted my passing, including members of the medical profession.

    But clearly God has a plan for me and I keep bouncing back. Recently I was guided to your booklet of prayers and inspirations from many faiths. It has become one more of the bounties and bestowals God showers on me. I have been reading it, sometimes with joy and laughter and sometimes with tears and a breaking heart but always I am comforted and inspired. And renewed, strengthened in my faith. Magnified in my love of God. Lead, encouraged and confirmed on my path and in His plan.

    Thank you. For helping me to keep lifting my eyes, turning my face towards God, singing His Glories and for being among the ranks of those with whom He assists.”

    – Nora

  3. virtue99 (verified owner)

    This came in by e-mail during the Covid-19 outbreak:
    Words are insufficient to express how grateful we are for the interfaith book of Comfort and Healing!
    We at the hospital now have a designated prayer space in our cafeteria and people are sitting and praying alone and together- using your book as a guide!
    God bless !
    Rev Cindy Wilcox
    (prayer areas with booklets were set 6 ft apart)

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