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Our 2021/2022 American Baha’i Wall Calendars are more beautiful than ever. 
American/Baha’i Wall calendar for 2021-2022

We’ve been making these two-year calendars for several years now. We’ve fine-tuned their design to give you the very best in beauty and utility.

They are:

More usefulOur calendars include popular American holidays alongside Bahá’í Feasts and Holy Days. You can tell, for example, when Thanksgiving falls in relation to the Day of the Covenant. National holidays, and other important days like Mother’s Day are marked with squares, while Bahá’í Feasts and Holy Days are marked in different colors of circles.

More beautiful: I am thrilled to be able to use the artwork of Colette Odya Smith on both sides of my new 2021-2022 American/Baha’i Wall Calendar. Her work is so beautiful, it often makes me want to weep, but these two pieces will make you want to sing. 2021 is “The Secret Door,” and includes the quotation “Every created thing in the whole universe is but a door leading into His knowledge…” 2022 continues the theme of openings with a piece called “Inside the Garden.” The quotation for it reads “The gates that open on the Placeless stand wide…” I encourage you to visit her website to see scores of additional works that will amaze and inspire you.  

Color coded for easy reading

Easier to readThis 2-sided calendar displays 12 months on each side, starting in January and ending with December, with months arranged horizontally so you will find them where you expect them to be. The numbers are big and bold, and they change color at the beginning of each Bahá’í month to make it easier to visualize the change of the months in the Bahá’í year. A complete list of all holidays can be found in the right-hand column on BOTH sides, so you don’t need to flip it over to see what Holy Day it is, or whether you should ask to get off of work. The list of holidays is color-coded and listed chronologically for easy reference.

It comes scored and folded in half for easy shipping, unless you choose our new 50-pack, in which case they ship flat.

12 months artwork
These MultiFaith Calendars are an annual favorite.  They are 12-month calendars with a beautiful picture at the top and a single month below. The squares are generously sized for writing appointments  and notes.
They include the Holy Days for a wide range of religions, including every Baha’i Feast, Fast and Holy Day.  The artwork is stunning, and you will learn loads about 14 different religions. Not only does it mark each Holy Day on its date, but down the side it explains the meaning of the Holy Days that fall within each month by religion (which puts Baha’i second from the top). There is also a section in the back that describes each religion in detail.
Yard Flags
Yard Flags
Yard signs, yard signs everywhere. Wouldn’t it be nice to see something positive in all of this clutter? Our yard sign covers slide over an existing yard sign, or choose a garden flag or even a full-sized flag to adorn your porch.
We have a dozen flags in assorted sizes and designs to make just the right statement in these troubled times.

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