Two New Shirts

Close-up of Metallic Gold ink.

This may be my favorite T-shirt design of all time. The metallic gold ink gives it an elegant feel, while the font feels both reverent and dynamic. The six religious symbols around the words are sure to start a lot of interesting conversations as you explain that EVERY religion teaches some form of The Golden Rule.

Consider carrying some of our Golden Rule teaching cards or bookmarks with you when you wear it.

Back design of Golden Rule T

Two Sided! Symbols included are the Baha’i star, Christian Cross, Buddhist wheel, Hindu Ohm, Islamic Crescent & Star and Jewish star. These symbols are repeated in chronological order in a line of circles on the back of the shirt (pictured close-up so you can see the gold shimmer).

This is a great shirt for college clubs and interfaith groups to wear  to create a sense of identity. It is also a thoughtful gift for anyone interested in interfaith fellowship.

Available in Long Sleeve! I think this new design is going to be VERY popular, so I am putting it on some colors and styles that I only have a few of. That means there are a lot of special options to choose from, and they are different prices. Please pay careful attention to the button you click on so that you get the size, style and color you want.

A Wonderful T-shirt

May I tell you that you’re Wonderful? 

I designed this shirt at the end of a “Bad News Day.” They seem to be coming fast and furious. I wanted to create something that would uplift and inspire people, and encourage them to interact on a higher level. This is what I came up with.

It prints in shimmery metallic gold ink, and asks a question that invites an answer that can start a conversation – or even a lifelong friendship.

For those who are wondering why I’ve designed this as a question, there are two reasons:

First, there are dozens of “you are wonderful” and “you are wonderful just the way you are” T-shirts already in existence. There is no need for me to reinvent the wheel.

Second, people tune those kinds of shirts out. They might look at it and smile, but don’t think it really applies to them. Have you ever seen such a shirt and said “thank you!” I doubt it, unless it was a close friend.

By asking for permission (gaining consent) to tell someone that they are wonderful, you are encouraging a response. Questions create a very different dynamic than statements. There is a subconscious inclination to want to answer them. (Note how many click-bait headlines are questions.)

People are also more likely to consider the request personally. If they do, and say “yes you may” or “yes,” or even “how would you know?” then a connection is formed and a dialogue can begin.

I would not recommend responding with a heavily religious response, like “God thinks you are wonderful” or “The Baha’i Faith says that everyone is wonderful.” Instead, I would say “By giving me permission, I can tell you are brave and curious and open to new ideas and new people. These are all qualities that make a person wonderful.”

I encourage you to think of the kind of people who might respond to your shirt, and come up with your own answers. It is good to be prepared.

I would also not recommend wearing this shirt if you don’t want strangers talking to you!

Two New Shirts

We’ve created eight new T-shirt designs since the beginning of the year. Visit our T-shirt Page to see them all. I know people aren’t getting out as much as usual, but when you do go out, it is more important than ever to spread hope, love and inspiration.  That’s a lot to ask of a T-shirt, but we think we succeed most of the time.

Days of Remembrance
Days of Remembrance

The Twin Holy Day Festival is coming!
In honor of the Birthdays of The Bab and Baha’u’llah, I am putting the (fairly) new Days of Remembrance compilation of quotations about Holy Days on sale this week for 20% off.

I have also recently reprinted my “Tell Me about Baha’u’llah” teaching card. It contains a pamphlet’s worth of information in a double-sized business card that you can drop into an envelope or leave with a tip.

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