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Teacher Appreciation

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week – and it is also the end of a very difficult school year. It is also the week before Mother’s Day. Now is a great time to honor teachers, mothers and students.
Whether your kids were being taught in-person or virtually, everyone (including parents) worked twice as hard this year as any other year. Let them know how much you appreciate their super-human effort.

Teacher Appreciation Card w/ Env

In addition to our Teacher Appreciation Note Cards and Mini-Teaching Cards, for teachers, we have a wide range of low-cost gifts that would be perfect for both teachers and students.

For example, there are  products like our “You’re Wonderful” pens, our “You’re Loved” medallions, and our “Be infinitely kind” thank-you cards.

I think you’re WONDERFUL purple gel pen

I’ve just gotten in my third batch of I Think You’re Wonderful! pens since October.  These fine-point purple-ink gel pens will let everyone know how you really feel about them.

Be the Sunshine Pen

If you want to let them know you are a Baha’i, then our new “When you can’t SEE the Sunshine, BE the Sunshine”   brightly colored pens would be fun. Or what teacher could resist our 4-color “God Loves All Colors” stylus pen for grading papers, and what student could resist doodling in the margins with them?

4 CuddleBuddies to choose from

It has been a really stressful year for teachers and students. Let them know that you understand how hard it has been with one of our Cuddlebuddies. They come with comfort coins (and instructions) to help relieve stress.
If the teacher is too sophisticated to hug a buddy, you can get them the Adult Affirmation Comfort Coins instead.

You Are Loved medallion & teddy bear

Want to show some extra love? You can let with this “You are loved” medallion and tiny teddy bear.  They will cherish it.

For an extra-special gift, we still have nine styles of 100% silk scarves, from whimsical to elegant.

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