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The Ridvan Message reminded us that the last 25 years were designed to prepare us for entry by troops. Well? Are you ready?

If you are, you will need teaching materials, including pamphlets, booklets, and all those special items that only Special Ideas carries.

We have pamphlets of every shape and size for every occasion and for almost any topic, including The Promise of Peace and a survey of Baha’i Teachings not pictured here. All of our pamphlets are written in an inviting style that focuses on points of unity. Check them out, and let us know if there is a topic you would like to see us address.

Not sure what to stock up on? I’ve put together 20 sample packs of 20 different pamphlets to help you decide – grab one before they are gone.


Our mini-books are a little bigger than a pamphlet, but still fit in your pocket or purse. Buy them individually, or get the assortment and be ready for anything.

Kindness Thank-You Card

Looking for Something Special?
It takes more than literature to teach the Faith. That’s why we also design and produce hundreds of additional materials to attract the interest and confirm the faith of the many potential seekers you meet – from stickers and buttons to children’s educational materials, to banners and garden flags.

When was the last time you really browsed our entire site to see everything we have? It has been six years since we mailed out a paper catalog where you could see everything by flipping through pages. Now it requires clicking on links.

The advantage is that on the web we can show more pictures and give more detailed descriptions so you know exactly what you are getting and how to use it.

It may take a few seconds longer for a page to load than for a catalog page to turn, but it is worth it. With hundreds of unique products, you are sure to find something you didn’t even know to search for – like these cards that are FREE to LSAs (conditions apply).

From “Featured Items” to “Virtues,” every category in our menu will reveal something to inspire and delight you. 

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