God Loves All Colors 4-color Interfaith Pen w/ Stylus


With a message that is echoed by its four colors of ink, this high-quality stylus pen makes a great gift for students, friends, guests and visitors.

$2 each


The positive message of this pen, God Loves All Colors, is uniquely appropriate for the multi-colored inks. Below that is a line of six religious symbols, so the message of diversity includes both people and religions.

This 4-color pen has been the one I’ve preferred to carry for years. It comes in handy for taking notes, noting what is in and out of stock, writing friendly messages to customers, and generally making life more colorful.

Our latest 4-color pens are sleeker, more versatile and more beautiful than the ones we sold years ago. The barrel is narrower with a rubber grip to make it easier to hold. The red, green, blue and black cartridges slide into place smoothly for taking color-coded notes. The iridescent teal color is absolutely beautiful, and the stylus on top is right at hand for use on phones, tablets and other touch-screen devices. It also has a plastic clip for holding onto your pocket.

We bought more of them this time, so we’ve been able to lower the price a little, in spite of inflation. At $2.00 – $2.50 each (less than a cup of Caffe), they are affordable gifts for friends, students, visitors and guests that will last for years. They are sure to become the “go-to” pens for everyone who receives one.


1 pen, 6 pack, 50 pack


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