We just got in these new 9-pointed star mini-magnets and thought it would be a good excuse to highlight some of our many other star-shaped products.

Magnetic Mini-Stars

The mini-magnets are actually the inside cut-out of our best-selling car magnets. You can combine them with the large “mom and dad” stars in gold, silver or prismatic to make a star “family” on the back of your car, or buy the small prismatic stars by the dozen for crafts and decorating. They will stick to the metal surfaces of your car, most refrigerators, filing cabinets, etc.

Star Magnets on car

When I started looking for the other kinds of 9-pointed stars we sell, I was amazed at the variety. Perhaps you will be to.

Bahai Pendants

There are over a dozen different styles of star jewelry, including eight in our Precious Metals collection, and over a dozen in our low-cost plated pendant selection that includes everything from 1.5” antique silver large stars to 1 cm small star charms.

Bahai lapel pins

Speaking of the star charms, we have matching lapel pins. We also have star lapel pins with ringstone symbols.

nine-pointed star silk scarf
nine-pointed star silk scarf

Along with your star pendant, perhaps you would like one of our star Silk Scarves, available in six different styles.

I’m just getting started.

plain cookie
plain cookie

Are you getting bored of this quarantine stuff? Crafts and art projects might be the answer. Nine-pointed stars are intrinsically beautiful. They have both rotational and reflective symmetry, but have an odd number of points which makes them interesting. Three points is too few. Five points is too common, and eleven points is too many. Nine is perfect for making all sorts of interesting patterns, but drawing a 9-pointed star by hand is difficult. Thus, our many many star products to make your craft projects easier.

star cookie cutters
star cookie cutters

We start, of course, with our ever popular Cookie Cutter and Stamp sets for making cookies and crafts. We’ve sold over a thousand sets, and with the addition of the stamps they have become even more popular.  While you are at it, get the Star Holiday Cake Craft Stencils so you can make cakes to match your cookies, or cards to match your crafts.

Start Crafts

Need more craft ideas? How about our Star Paper & Craft Clips, or our Star Felt Drink Coasters that double as craft projects and holiday ornaments? Add Sparkle Star Stickers, or Die-Cut Star Stickers (on sale) for extra color and pizzazz.

Affirmation Coloring Book 2

Want a creative activity to keep you busy for more than one afternoon? We have three coloring books built around stars – one for young kids and two for older kids and adults. All three focus on virtues as a theme and stars as the visual motif. You can buy the ABC Stars Virtue Coloring Book in packs for children’s classes, or The Virtues Meditation Mandala or Virtues Affirmation Mandala (on sale) individually and lose yourself in them for hours. Each page has the potential to be a beautiful work of art.

Nine pointed star button

Speaking of the coloring books, many of the star patterns were created by Joe Pazckowski, who also designed this button and magnet. This gives you an idea of how beautiful the coloring book can be if you put your mind to it. We also have Brilliant Star buttons, magnets and stickers for kids.

All coins

If you are looking for a small gift for an adult, our Traveler’s Prayer Coin comes in the shape of a star.  Slide it into one of our Star Holiday Greeting Cards for Ayyam-i-Ha or Naw-Ruz. (There are matching star flags to go with these cards, but I’m afraid I’m getting carried away.)

Illumine my heart shirt

And finally, not the last star item we sell, but the last I will mention, is our relatively new Illumine My Heart T-shirt with the names of virtues forming a star around the center heart. It is a pretty design that sends a great message.
It comes in adult and kid’s sizes so everyone can be an illumined star.

Psst: Click here for a sneak peek at next week’s newest product.

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