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Nine Pointed Star MINI-Magnet


2″ magnetic mini-stars for your car or for crafts and decorating projects in 3 colors – gold, silver or prismatic.


I hate letting anything go to waste, so when I learned that there were little star magnets left over from making the big star car magnets, I decided we had to do something with them.

The first thing I thought of was a Baha’i version of the stick-figure window decals showing Mom, Dad, and kids in the family. You can use the large stars for the parents (click here) and the small stars for the kids.  (See picture) What fun!

The second thing I thought of was craft projects and home decorating projects using groupings of stars on refrigerators or in collages. Combine them with our Star Cookie Cutters for even more possibilities.

A third way to use them is to combine them with our ABC Virtue Magnets, as a Kid’s Kitchen activity while you Kook… I mean Cook.  Combine rectangles and stars, letter and shapes to make words and patterns.

They are 2″ wide from point to point and come in three colors – gold, silver and prismatic. Buy them individually by color, or as a pack of 10 assorted. The assortment has 4 prismatic, 3 gold and 3 silver.

They stick using magnetism, so they are removable and don’t hurt your paint. Before purchasing, check to see that your car, refrigerator,  filing cabinet or wherever you plan on putting the star is metal.

Note: These are the insides of the bigger stars. In the process of removing them, they get a little scratched up, so don’t expect them to be perfect. They are craft magnets, not fine art or jewelry.

Remember to remove them before going through a car wash!

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .2 in

Gold, Silver, Prismatic, 10 Assorted, 12 Prismatic


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