Prayer for Husbands card


Prayer for Husbands Card

3.5″ x 4″

This is a pack of 50 for $6.

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Prayer for Husbands card. It was designed to fold in half to a business-card size, but after 25 years, it is a little difficult to fold. It can be given out flat, or score it before folding.

O God, my God! This Thy handmaid is calling upon Thee, trusting in Thee, turning her face unto Thee, imploring Thee to shed Thy heavenly bounties upon her, and to disclose unto her Thy spiritual mysteries, and to cast upon her the lights of Thy Godhead.

O my Lord! Make the eyes of my husband to see. Rejoice Thou his heart with the light of the knowledge of Thee, draw Thou his mind unto Thy luminous beauty, cheer Thou his spirit by revealing unto him Thy manifest splendors.

O my Lord! Lift Thou the veil from before his sight. Rain down Thy plenteous bounties upon him, intoxicate him with the wine of love for Thee, make him one of Thy angels whose feet walk upon this earth even as their souls are soaring through the high heavens. Cause him to become a brilliant lamp, shining out with the light of Thy wisdom in the midst of Thy people.

Verily, Thou art the Precious, the Ever-Bestowing, the Open of Hand.


3.5″ x 4″

This is a pack of 50 for $6.

Weight .06 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 4 × .5 in

100 for $10, 500 for $36


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