Signs of God’s Love – Children’s Book


God is invisible, but the signs of God’s love are all around us.

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God is invisible, but the signs of God’s love are all around us. Built upon the theme of the different kingdoms of creation, Aidan’s father literally walks him through the signs of God’s love as they are expressed in the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms, while they take a walk through the woods. This book covers a lot of ground in a way that kids will be able to easily understand. It will leave them seeing God’s love everywhere they look – especially in their own unique human capacities.

It ends with a listing of the Golden Rule as presented in six different religions.

Parents from a wide variety of spiritual backgrounds will find this story helpful in teaching their children about God at a very young age.

By (author) Tahirih Lemon

Illustrated by Liudmyla Stetskovych

From the cover:

While hiking with his father, Aidan discovers signs of God’s love throughout creation. Join Aidan, as he explores and learns about the unique power each form of creation possesses. A beautifully illustrated book introducing the concept of God, the loving Creator, and what makes humans special.

By Tahirih Lemon

Ages 4 – 8

32pg 8×10″

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