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A delightful collection of animal-shaped pens, each crafted to spread the message, ‘Let’s be kind to every creature.’


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Discover our delightful collection of animal-shaped pens, each crafted to spread the message, ‘Let’s be kind to every creature.’ These pens aren’t just adorable; they carry a heartwarming reminder of compassion and empathy towards all living beings. They are our lowest-price pens, and are designed to be given away at parties, festivals, county fairs and Halloween. (But make sure to keep a couple for yourself.) Only available in assortments (supplies are limited).

Kids are going to love the cute animal faces on the caps. They will also appreciate the fact that these are fine-point erasable gel pens with a beautiful shade of blue ink. The soft rubber tip on the end gently removes the ink from the surface of the paper, so when they make a mistake it is easy to correct (always good for self-esteem). I wish these had been around when I was a kid. The texture of the pen is soft, and the grip has a nice texture for small fingers to hold.

Each pen also features a unique and humorous message in Chinese, adding an extra layer of charm and personality. Few people will make an effort to translate them, but if they do, they will find:

— The pig pen, playfully asking “Why is my waist so thick?” Loving the insecure pig reminds us to also embrace and love ourselves just as we are, embodying the spirit of kindness towards oneself.

— Our bear pen, with its lighthearted declaration ‘I am not a wild bear child’, encourages us to celebrate our inner child and the joy of being carefree.

— The panda pen, humorously wishing to ‘remove the dark circles under my eyes’, reminds us that the things that we don’t like about ourselves are often the things that other people find beautiful.

— And the cat, stating ‘I am so haughty’, captures the essence of self-confidence and the grace of independence that we love so much about cats. We could all use a little more “cattitude.”

These witty messages complement the overarching theme of kindness in a unique way. They serve as cheerful reminders that every creature, including ourselves, has distinctive traits and quirks that deserve love and acceptance. Perfect for gifting or personal use, these pens are more than mere writing instruments; they’re a celebration of individuality, humor, and the universal message of kindness.

NOTE: About half of them come with a protective rubber tip on the point, which needs to be removed.

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